Teaching Awards

The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NS&M) places great importance on the work of talented and committed teachers. Each year, students are asked to nominate faculty and teaching assistants worthy of recognition for the extraordinary efforts they make to provide our students a top quality education in NS&M. This year, the school will make five awards in the following categories:

  • Tenured professors
  • Untenured professors
  • Senior lecturers
  • Graduate teaching assistants
  • Undergraduate teaching assistants

The faculty is awarded a certificate while teaching assistants are awarded a certificate and a check. Award recipients’ names will be included on a plaque that is proudly displayed in the dean’s office. Please nominate one or more faculty members and one or more teaching assistants who have taught you in a natural sciences and math class during your time at UT Dallas and made a significant positive impact on your education.

Note that you are not restricted to nominating instructors or TAs who are teaching you in the current semester. You may nominate faculty and TAs from previous semesters. You may make nominations in any or all of the categories. You may nominate one or more individuals.

Dr. Dean Sherry Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Past Recipients


  • John Sibert, Tenured Professor
  • Bing Lv, Tenure-Track Professor
  • Julie Sutton, Lecturer Award
  • Dineli Ranathunga, Chemistry, Graduate TA
  • Alfonso Flores, Biochemistry TA, Undergraduate TA


  • Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki, Physics, Tenured Professor
  • Zachary Campbell, Biological Sciences, Tenure-Track Professor
  • Stephanie Taylor, Sci/Math Ed, Lecturer Award
  • Jordan Newman, Geosciences, Graduate TA
  • Gino Occhialini, Chemistry, Undergraduate TA


  • Mihaela Stefan, Faculty
  • Kelli Palmer, Tenure-Track Professor
  • Amandeep Sra, Senior Lecturer
  • Alishah “Sunny” Vidhani, Undergraduate TA
  • Warren Lieu, Graduate TA


  • Gregg Dieckman, Faculty
  • Uma Srikanth, Senior Lecturer
  • Mohammad Akbar, Tenure-Track Professor
  • Alishah “Sunny” Vidhani, Undergraduate TA
  • Nimmy Mammoottil, Graduate TA


  • Jeremiah Gassensmith, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Irina Berezovik, Mathematical Sciences


  • Paul Pantano, Chemistry
  • Dorian Turner, Molecular & Cell Biology


  • Mohammad Akbar, Mathematics
  • Rodrigo D. Vinluan III, Chemistry


  • Claudia Taenzler, Chemistry
  • Hien Nguyen, Chemistry


  • Gregg R. Dieckmann, Chemistry
  • Kirk Huynh, Chemistry


  • George A. McMechan, Geosciences
  • Brian Streit, Mathematics


  • Mihaela Stefan, Chemistry
  • William H. Wettingfeld, Mathematics
  • Mieczyslaw K. Dabkowski, Mathematics
  • Rebekah A. Sessoms, Biology


  • Michael C. Biewer, Chemistry
  • Brady C. McCary, Mathematics


  • Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki, Physics
  • Nam Lam, Mathematics


  • Michael C. Biewer, Chemistry
  • Sumihiro Suzuki, Mathematics


  • Mary Urquhart, Science Education
  • Seyed Mohsen Kariminia, Geosciences


  • John Sibert, Chemistry
  • Nadia Khanam, Chemistry


  • William S. “Will” Burgett, Physics
  • Allison K “Allie” Thurmond, Geosciences


  • John Burr, Biology
  • Claudia Schmegner, Mathematics


  • Paul Pantano, Chemistry
  • Mara L. Miller, Biology


  • Gregory D. Earle, Physics
  • David B. Williamson, Geosciences


  • Frank R. “Ray” Allum, Mathematics
  • Elizabeth M. “Beth” Champ, Chemistry