The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs within its six departments: biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, geosciences, mathematical sciences, physics, and science/mathematics education. Each program is research-intensive with close cooperation from industry.

Faculty members compete at the national level for sponsored research. Graduates go on to pursue careers at colleges and universities as well as in industrial, medical, public health, environmental and governmental organizations.

NSM News Feed

Scientists Uncover Cool, New Technological Twist for Refrigeration

Ray Baughman An international team of researchers led by Dr. Ray Baughman found that by untwisting supercoiled fibers they can decrease surface temperatures of the materials. [more...]

Physicists Shine Light on Properties of Potential Solar Cell Material

Researchers altered the understanding of the fundamental properties of perovskite crystals, a class of materials with great potential as light emitters and solar cells. [more...]

University Mourns Loss of Famed Geoscientist, Community Cornerstone

Dr. James Carter, associate professor emeritus and one of the longest-serving faculty members at UT Dallas, died on Sept. 21. During his career, he created simulated moon dirt and discovered one of the largest dinosaur fossils ever found in Texas. [more...]