Plenary Speakers

A more complete list of plenary titles and abstracts will be updated here when available.

Abhay Ashtekar Abhay Ashtekar
Pennsylvania State University
Title: Loop Quantum Gravity and the Very Early Universe
Edmund Bertschinger Edmund Bertschinger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topic: Cosmological tests of General Relativity
Roger Blandford Roger Blandford
Stanford University
Topic: Active galactic nuclei
Manuela Campanelli Manuela Campanelli
Rochester Institute of Technology
Topic: Numerical Relativity
George Ellis George Ellis
University of Cape Town
Topic: Inhomogeneous cosmologies
Krzysztof Gorski Krzysztof Gorski
JPL, California Institute of Technology
Topic: Recent results from Planck
Fiona Harrison Fiona Harrison
California Institute of Technology
Topic: Recent results from NuSTAR
Charles J. Horowitz Charles J. Horowitz
Indiana University
Topic: Review on nuclear equation of state for compact objects
Nick Kaiser Nick Kaiser
IfA, University of Hawaii
Topic: Gravitational lensing and applications to cosmology
Robert Kirshner Robert Kirshner
Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Topic: The accelerating universe
Sanjay Reddy Sanjay Reddy
University of Washington
Topic: Nuclear astrophysics
Remo Ruffini Remo Ruffini
International Centre for Relativistic Astrophysics
Topic: Gamma ray bursts
Bernard Schutz Bernard Schutz
MPIGP - Potsdam/Golm
Topic: Gravitational waves
David Spergel David Spergel
Princeton University
Topic: Recent results from cosmology
Paul Steinhardt Paul Steinhardt
Princeton University
Topic: The very early universe
Joseph Taylor Joseph Taylor
Princeton University
Topic: Review on binary pulsars
Virginia Trimble Virginia Trimble
UC Irvine & LCOGT
Topic: History of the Texas Symposia
Steven Weinberg Steven Weinberg
University of Texas at Austin
Topic: The Higgs boson and cosmology

Distinguished Invited Speakers

Other distinguished invited speakers include:
  • Roy Kerr
  • Roger Penrose
  • Alexi Starobinsky
  • Michael Turner
  • ...