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2008 News

(December 16, 2008) Project Helps Fill Out Picture of Ionosphere

(December 1, 2008) Invention Holds Promise for Diabetics, Transplant Patients

(Nov 17, 2008) Algorithm Helps Unlock Secrets of Cell Biology

(Nov 7, 2008) Findings May Help Slow Damage from Brain Diseases

(October 28, 2008) Science Building Begins Moving from Theory to Reality

(October 27, 2008) Building to Kick Off New Science Education Era

(October 20, 2008) Projects to Change Look and Feel of UT Dallas

(October 14, 2008) NIH Backs Search for Innovative Sickle Cell Treatment

(October 13, 2008) Nanotech Research Seeks Better Cancer Treatments

(October 10, 2008) U.S. Culture Blamed for Lack of Girl Math Experts

(October 2, 2008) NSF Grant Supports Teacher Training Initiative

(September 11, 2008) Physics Team Joins Massive Collider in Search for Truths

(September 10, 2008) Satellite Helps Scientists Study ‘Space Weather’

(September 5, 2008) 16-Year-Old Gets Started on Doctoral Degree

(August 27, 2008) Fresh From Mars: Talk to Recount Water Discovery

(August 7, 2008) Scientist is at the Center of Mars Water Breakthrough

(July 31, 2008) $350,000 NIH Grant Brings UT Dallas Biologist Closer to Treatment Options for Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s

(July 31, 2008) Development Veteran to Help Build NS&M’s Future

(July 18, 2008) AwesomeMath Camp Draws Awesome, Young Minds

(July 16, 2008) Biotech Lab Makes Room for New Researchers

(July 15, 2008) Study Links Kidney Stones to Climate Change

(July 15, 2008) Geologist to Head Geosciences Department

(July 3, 2008) Clark Summer Students Are Cream of the Crop

(June 18, 2008) Researchers Plan Voyage Near Bottom of Sea

(June 17, 2008) Undergrad Puts the Heat on Cancer Cells

(June 11, 2008) NanoExplorers to Probe Microscopic Mysteries

(June 5, 2008) Robots to Pump More Iron With Fuel-Powered Muscles (Link to podcast and text)

(May 28, 2008) One of the Youngest PhD Students in the Nation Chose UT Dallas Physics

(May 23, 2008) Dr. Hoffman Heads to Arizona to Monitor Mission to Mars Landing

(May 18. 2008) UT Dallas, Louisiana State University, & Univeristy of Idaho Professors Provide Rapid Response to Image Large Texas Sinkhole

(May 13, 2008) Dr. Kenneth Balkus, Professor of Chemistry, Earns Prestigious W. T. Doherty Award

(May, 2008) A Glimpse of Graduation: Bree Szostek's Commencement Speech

(May 5, 2008) UTeach Dallas Receives $200,000 gift from Sid W. Richardson Foundation

(January 23, 2008) NASA Scientist to Discuss Distant Planets at UTD on Friday Jan 25

(January 22, 2008) U.S. Coal Panel Taps Expertise of Geosciences' Dr. Finkelman

(January 16, 2008) With Moon Dirt in Demand, Business is Booming

(January 15, 2008) Geoscientist Finds Surprise Hidden in the Pacific


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