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2007 News

(December 19, 2007) Noted Physicist Dr. Robert C. Hilborn Appointed Program Head of the Department of Science/Mathematics Education

(December 12, 2007) High School Researchers Pocket $40,000 in Scholarship Prizes for Project Started at UT Dallas

(December 5, 2007) Governor Says UTeach Funds Will Help Reverse Math-Science Trend

(December 4, 2007) UT Dallas Awarded Funds to Launch Teaching Initiative

(November 30, 2007) NSF Grant to Fund Study of Vibration Dangers

(November 21, 2007) Math department hosts NSF Sponsored Workshop on Knots and Quantum Computing

(November 19, 2007) UT Dallas Lab Work Takes High School Pair to Victory in Science Competition

(November 14, 2007) Announcing the James L. Carter Scholarship Fund

(November 1, 2007) Physics Graduate Student Earns Prestigious "Outstanding Paper Award" by the American Geophysical Union

(October 29, 2007) UT Dallas team to receive Nano50 Award for inventing fuel-powered artificial muscles (new window link to NewScientistTech)

(October 26, 2007) Carnegie Mellon Honors Ray Baughman as Distinguished Alumnus

(September 27, 2007) Faculty Adopts School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics Bylaws

(September 18, 2007) School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics' new faculty appointments

(September 11, 2007) Health Science Researcher to Head UT Dallas’ Department of Molecular & Cell Biology

(August 21, 2007) UT Dallas Department of Physics to Host Astronaut Janice Voss at Texas Astronomical Society Meeting Aug. 24

(August 21, 2007) Michael Baron of Mathematical Sciences receives the 2007 Abraham Wald Prize in Sequential Analysis

(August 15, 2007) UT Dallas Goes to Los Alamos to Explore Applications for Quantum Dots

(August 7, 2007) Red Planet Mission: UT Dallas Professor Contributes to Exploration of Other Worlds

(July 30, 2007) UT Dallas Professor Works on a New Treatment for Diabetes

(June 11, 2007) Former President Robert Rutford Named President Emeritus at UT Dallas

(July 10, 2007) Location, Location, Location: How Disorder Determines the Magnetic Properties of Nanomaterials -- Department of Physics Seminar on July 16

(June 8, 2007) Geosciences Research Professor Dr. Finkelman invited to be a keynote speaker at Environmin 2007 Conference, in South Africa

(June 7, 2007) New UTEACH-DALLAS program invited to compete for a National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) grant for up to $2.4 million

(June 5, 2007) Texas Icon H. Ross Perot Keynote Speaker at UT Dallas' Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory Dedication June 5

(June 4, 2007) UT Dallas Lecturer Develops Earth Science Training Program for Elementary School Teachers

(May 30, 2007) Drs. Rebekah Nix and Cynthia Ledbetter win the UT Library Director's Award for Excellence in Library Resource Integration

(May 29, 2007) Our Comet in Space: Geosciences Alumnus James Reilly Gearing Up for Space Station Return (link to NASA opens in a new window)

(May 24, 2007) Paper on Improving Solar Cells Nets Zakhidov ‘Top 5’ Honor from Materials Research Society

(May 24, 2007) Outstanding Teacher Award Recipients

(May 9, 2007) Welch Foundation Grants Fund Three UT Dallas Chemistry Researchers’ Work

(May 1, 2007) UT Dallas Chemistry Students Earn Three out of Five Awards at the 40th Annual Meeting-In-Miniature of the DFW Chapter American Chemistry Society

(April 30, 2007) Statistics Professor Involved in Collaborative Research To Develop Noninvasive Techniques to Better Diagnose Kidney Cancer

(April 29, 2007) Geosciences Students Find Human Skull

(April 18, 2007) With New Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory, UT Dallas Set to Create the Future

(April 9, 2007) Alex Biholar Tells 'A Modest Proposal' Magazine Readers About Geosciences at UT Dallas

(April 6, 2007) New Research Suggests Tidal Motion Influences Flow of The Rutford Ice Stream

(March 29, 2007) UT Dallas Team Ranks 95th Percentile at the national Putnam Mathematical Competition

(March 27, 2007) UT Dallas Geosciences Student Wins SCAUG Student Competition

(March 18, 2007) UT Dallas Geosciences Student Receives 'Best Poster' Award at the AAPG/SEG Student Expo

(March 13, 2007) Nobel Laureate to Explain 'Why Can't Time Run Backwards?' To 1,000 DFW Area High School Students

(March 12, 2007) American Chemical Society Recognizes the UT Dallas Chemistry Student Association as 'Outstanding'

(March 6, 2007) Antarctic Peak named for Robert Rutford, UT Dallas Professor, Former President

(February 26, 2007) UT Dallas Biologist Awarded $1.6 Million NIH Grant

(February 15, 2006) UT Dallas Geoscientist Stern to Help Lead International Field Conference in Egypt

(February 7, 2007) UT Dallas Mourns Passing of Nobel Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid, 1927-2007

(January 29, 2007) Awesome Math Program Makes X Y Z as Easy as 1 2 3!

(January 25, 2007) Teens Get Chance to ‘SEE’ Science In Innovative Program at UT Dallas

(January 24, 2007) Baughman, Zakhidov Win Prestigious Medal From Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

(January 8, 2007) Going Up? PBS Show on 'Space Elevator' Feature UTD NanoTech Institute


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