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Geosciences begin with the ground we walk on, delve inward to the center of the Earth and expand outward to other planetary bodies in our solar system. Time spans of interest to geoscientists range from the formation of the solar system through the evolution of the continents, atmosphere, biosphere, and natural resources to the present day.  

Geoscientists study the composition, structure, and history of our surroundings and ultimately provide us with a better sense of ourselves, the universe around us, and our connection to everything.

Geoscientists employ remote sensing and geospatial information sciences technology while working on ships, climbing mountains, studying volcanoes, and digging for dinosaur bones in the desert. Geosciences careers appeal to those who enjoy working outdoors and traveling places both domestic as well as international.

We've had students and alumni visit all seven continents and even travel in space.

The mission of the Department of Geosciences is to deliver a challenging, stimulating, and useful education in geosciences to undergraduates and graduates at all degree levels and to add to our understanding of the Earth through the research of students, faculty, and staff.

And the department always appreciates keeping in contact with its former students.

Emile A. Pessagno Graduate Student Endowment Fund


George McMechan Student Support Fund


James L. Carter Scholarship Fund


Senior Achievement Awards

Lochlan Vaughn 
Spring 2018

Chelsea Sica
Fall 2017

Samantha Hartke
Spring 2017

Jennifer Humphreys
Fall 2016

Arden Wells
Spring 2016

Steven Rizo
Fall 2015

Amy Webber
Spring 2015

Brent Cland
Fall 2014

Christina James
Spring 2014



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