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Associate Professor
Affiliated w Chemistry
NSERL 4.710
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Walter E. Voit, Ph.D.

Polymer and Materials Chemistry

Research Webpage

Voit Lab

Educational Experience

B. S. 2005, University of Texas at Dallas

M. S. 2006, University of Texas at Dallas

Ph.D. 2009, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Description

The Advanced Polymer Research Lab (APRL) explores fundamental thermomechanics of smart polymers.

APRL researchers hail from a variety of disciplines including Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Biology and Biochemistry. We explore fundamental and applied problems in polymer science and engineering with a special focus on shape memory polymers.

Research thrusts include efforts in flexible electronics, smart neural interfaces, radiation processing of materials, 3D printing, energy harvesting, homeland security, biomedical devices, sensors for intellignet packaging, sensors for extreme environments, wearable electronics, implantable electroincs, phased array radars, triple shape polymers, acoustic metamaterials, and electromagnetic metamaterials.

Selected Publications

Ware, T.; Jennings, A. R.; Bassampour, Z. S.; Simon, D.; Son, D. Y.; Voit, W. RSC Advances2014, 4(75), 39991-40002.

Shaffer, S.; Yang, K.; Vargas, J.; Di Prima, M. A.; Voit, W. Polymer2014, Ahead of Print.

Reeder, J.; Kaltenbrunner, M.; Ware, T.; Arreaga-Salas, D.; Avendano-Bolivar, A.; Yokota, T.; Inoue, Y.; Sekino, M.; Voit, W.; Sekitani, T. Advanced Materials, 2014, 26(29), 4967-4973. 

Ware, T.; Simon, D.; Liu, C.; Musa, T.; Vasudevan, S.; Sloan, A.; Keefer, E. W.; Rennaker, R. L., II; Voit, W. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part B: Applied Biomaterials 2014, 102B(1), 1-11. 

Simon, D.; Ware, T.; Marcotte, R.; Lund, B. R.; Smith, D. W., Jr.; Prima, M.; Rennaker, R. L.; Voit, W. Biomedical Microdevices2013, 15(6), 925-939. 

  • Updated: March 29, 2018
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