Department of Chemistry

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Gabriele Meloni
Assistant Professor
BSB 12.637
[email protected]

Gabriele Meloni Ph.D.

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry


M.S., Biotechnology, University of Milan, Italy (2002)
Ph.D., Bioinorganic Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2008)
Postdoctoral Associate, California Institute of Technology (2009-13, 2014-15); Aarhus University, Denmark (2013-14)

Research Description

Our research investigates the bioinorganic chemistry of essential transition metals and metal-based drugs in biological systems. We develop and apply biochemical and biophysical tools to characterize the structure, reactivity and metal binding properties of soluble and membrane proteins and biomolecules involved in transition metal homeostasis. Current projects include:

  • Structure and function of transmembrane metal transporters
  • Reactivity of transition metal complexes towards proteins and nucleic acids
  • Metallochemistry and biophysics of amyloidogenic peptides and brain metalloproteins

Selected Publications

D. Mattle, L. Zhang, O. Sitsel, L.T. Pedersen, M.R. Monicelli, F. Tadini-Buoninsegni, P. Gourdon, D.C. Rees, P.Nissen, G. Meloni "A sulfur-based transport pathway in Cu+-ATPases", EMBO Reports, 16, 728-740, (2015)

K.T. Wang, O. Sitsel, G. Meloni, H. E. Autzen, M. Andersson, T. Klymchuk, M. Nielsen, D.C. Rees, P. Nissen, P.  Gourdon, "Crystal structure and release mechanism of Zn2+-transporting P-Type ATPases", Nature, 514, 518-522 (2014).

G. Meloni, L. Zhang, D.C. Rees "A transmembrane Type-2-like Cu(II) site in the P1B-3-type ATPase CopB: implications for metal selectivity", ACS Chemical Biology, 17, 116-121 (2014)

G. Meloni, M. Vašák, "Redox Activity of a-Synuclein-Cu is Silenced by Metallothionein-3", Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 50, 1471-1479 (2011).

G. Meloni, V. Sonois, T. Delaine, L. Guilloreau, A. Gillet, J., Teissie, P. Faller, M. Vašák, "Metal swap between Zn7metallothionein-3 and amyloid-b-Cu protects against amyloid-b toxicity", Nature Chemical Biology, 4, 366-372 (2008).

  • Updated: March 28, 2018
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