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Bruce E. Gnade, PhD

Distinguished Chair in Microelectronics
Chemistry and Electrical Engineering
Materials Science

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B.A., St. Louis University (1976): Chemistry
Ph.D. , Georgia Institute of Technology (1982)
Advisor: Richard W. Fink

Research Description

Electronic materials, with an emphasis on materials and processes for flexible electronics and thermoelectrics,  field emission devices, radiation detectors, thin-film electronics

Selected Publications

H. Charkhkar, G.L. Knaack, B.E. Gnade,  E.W. Keefer, J.J. Pancrazio, “Development and Demonstration of a Disposable Low-Cost Microelectrode Array for Cultured Neuronal Network Recording”, Sensors and Act. B 161, 655 (2012).

R.P. Gupta, J. Sharp, A. Peng, S. Perera, C. Ballinger, T. Zheng, B. Gnade, “Inorganic Colloidal Solution-Based Approach to Nanocrystal Synthesis of (Bi,Sb)2Te3”, J. Elect. Mat. 41, 1537 (2012).

D. Mao, I. Mejia, H. Stiegler, B.E. Gnade and M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, “Fatigue Characteristics of Poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluorothylene) copolymer Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors for Flexible Electronics Memory Applications”, Organic Electronics 12, 1298 (2011).

Israel Mejia, Ana L. Salas-Villasenor, Adrian Avendano-Bolivar, Julius Horvath, Harvey Stiegler, Bruce E. Gnade and Manuel A. Quevedo-Lopez, “Low-Temperature Hybrid CMOS Circuits Based on Chalcogenides and Organic TFTs”, Electron Dev. Letts. 32, 1086 (2011).

U.S. Bhansali, H. Jia. I.W.H. Oswald, M.A. Omary, B.E. Gnade, “High efficiency warm-white organic light emitting diodes from a single emitter in graded-doping device architecture”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 183305 (2012).

N. Hundt, K. Palaniappan, P. Sista, J.W. Murphy, J. Hao, H. Nguyen, E. Stein, M.C. Biewer, B.E. Gnade, M.C. Stefan, “Synthesis and characterization of polythiophenes with alkenyl substituents”, Polymer Chemistry 1, 1624 (2010).

E. Fuentes-Fernandez, W. Debray-Mechtaly, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, B. Gnade, A. Rajasekaran, A. Hande, P. Shah and H.N. Alshareef, "Fabrication and Characterization of Pb(Zr0.53,Ti0.47)O3-Pb(Nb1/3 Zn2/3)O3 Thin Films on Cantilever Stacks", J. Electron. Mat. 40, 85 (2011).

  • Updated: July 16, 2013
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