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Elaine and Eunice Odiase

Identical twin sisters Elaine and Eunice Odiase enrolled at UT Dallas through the University’s Academic Bridge Program, which features smaller classes and provides tutoring and supplemental instruction, campus orientation events, extracurricular activities, and field trips.

On the dean’s list and both biology majors, the twins are also part of the University’s rigorous pre-health program.

Says Elaine:
“I’ve learned that college can help determine who you’re going to be. If you make good decisions, you’re on the road to success. Many students have a hard time with their newfound freedom when they start college. I’ve learned through this independence to be wiser, make better choices and, most importantly, to stand firm in my beliefs. I think if you do these things, you’ll find that staying focused in your studies and getting to know people will make your experience both fun and worthwhile.”

Eunice agrees:
“UT Dallas offers lots of services to help students learn. With guidance from teaching assistants and student instructors, you can find your way in hard subjects. But in order to be successful in school and later in life, it takes more than just intelligence. To succeed, you need to be self motivated and willing to persevere to achieve your goals. It also helps to realize the importance of a college education and determine your goals before you start college. Even if those goals change, it’s important that you set them so you can start your freshman year on the right track. I’m blessed to be going to a school that offers a rigorous pre-health program that will prepare me for medical school. But it also allows students to be in small enough classes for regular, easy teacher-student interaction.

Making a direct impact on the well-being of another person – that’s important. It’s the most direct and positive way of helping people, and that’s what my sister and I want to do.”

Eunice and Elaine’s dad, Felix, also graduated from UT Dallas, but with a degree in electrical engineering.

  • Updated: April 24, 2012
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