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Anna Li

“I want to pursue a career as a physician, and I felt that studying biology through the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics would help me learn about the human body and its processes in preparation for medical school. 

The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program and the opportunities it provides attracted me to UT Dallas.  In addition, the fact that the University is very young appealed to me because it has great potential to grow and improve with the help of student involvement.

I’ve been able to connect with other students mainly through living in the new residence hall.  I’ve enjoyed it, not only because it’s new, but because of the opportunity to meet many other freshmen and be able to walk around the building and find things to do, which isn’t an option with the apartments. 

It truly is exciting to learn people’s individual stories and backgrounds.  Come to college with an open mind and a willingness to be taught, challenged and changed for the better.  Keep in mind that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom and can happen through anyone, not just professors.  College is one awesome experience.  Enjoy it in as many ways as you can!”

A Chinese American who was born and raised in Houston, Anna Li hopes to help change lives for the better by becoming a physician.

  • Updated: March 26, 2018
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