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Catalina Cuervo

“I’ve wanted to go to medical school for as long as I can remember, but I wanted to make sure it was the right field for me, so in high school I explored things like engineering, science and math, too. After all that, I’m still excited about medicine, and I’m now considering a specialty in either pediatrics or women’s health.

Because of a connection through UT Dallas’ Health Professions Advising Center, I recently had the chance to work with a doctor at a VA hospital and witness some surgeries; that was pretty exciting. I also landed an internship at UT Southwestern Medical School through the center. As a pre-med student, I think we’re lucky to have the kinds of resources and assistance the center offers.

I can’t imagine going to any other school beside UT Dallas. I decided to come here because of the quality of education, the location and the amount of financial aid available, and I’m so happy with my choice. What I like most about the University is the fact that it’s in an active state of growth. And there are always opportunities to take a role in making important decisions and creating traditions.

I don’t have a lot of free time outside of school and work, but my friends and I like to find ways to take advantage of the University’s free DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) pass to explore the Metroplex. From theaters to food to shopping, there are lots of fun and interesting things to do and see around Dallas. I also unwind by listening to music. I especially like being a DJ for Radio UTD. We play a lot of indie music and I co-host my own show, “Life, the Universe and Everything,” with a good friend.

I’ve definitely changed for the better since I started school. If I could give a new student one piece of advice, I’d tell them not to be afraid to step outside the proverbial box. Go to events and group meetings to see what you’re interested in, and then stay active with the ones you enjoy the most. There are so many opportunities available in college that will introduce you to new ideas and perspectives; all you have to do is find them!”

Catalina Cuervo, a native of Bogota, Colombia, is biology major with a minor in medical and scientific humanities. She expects to attend medical school after she graduates in 2010.

  • Updated: March 26, 2018
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