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Our faculty is dedicated to teaching. And your classroom experiences will be balanced with a substantial research program that serves as the basis for our mentor-based teaching methods. Research in the department is organized into five areas of strength, which are:

Lab work will expose you to state-of-the-art research techniques used to understand the molecular mechanisms of biological processes such as gene expression, protein structure and function, carcinogenesis, neurodegeneration, bacterial pathogenicity and symbioses, metabolism and signaling networks.


MS and PhD Programs in Biological Sciences

Advisor Name Contact Information
Dr. Lawrence Reitzer [email protected]
Professor Biological Sciences
Office - RL 2.706 Mailstop - RL11
Nancy Yu [email protected]
Graduate Support Assistant
Biological Sciences
Office - BSB 12.102 Mailstop - BSB12

MS in Biotechnology Program

Advisor Name Contact Information
Dr. Gail Breen [email protected]
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Office - FO 3.620C Mailstop - FO31
Dr. Dennis Miller [email protected]
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Office - FO 3.218 Mailstop - FO31
Shawanda Dunagin Shawanda Dunagin
FO 3.617
[email protected] 
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