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Molecular and cell biology faculty not only conduct interesting research but also lead interesting lives. Learn more about them here.

Santosh D'Mello
joint faculty appointment in the School of Brain and Behavioral Science

Photo, Santosh D'MelloSantosh D'Mello, Ph.D., has made a career of investigating brain cell suicide. "The focus of my lab is a process called apoptosis," D'Mello said. "Apoptosis, a suicide process in cells, is a Greek word that refers to the falling of leaves every autumn."

Juan Gonzalez

associate dean for graduate studie
s in NSM

Photo, Juan GonzalezJuan González, Ph.D., says bacteria – the rod-shaped single-celled microorganisms – conduct molecular conversations with one another that may someday be deciphered by scientists. He enjoys his students and admires their work a great deal.

Robert Marsh

lecturer III

Photo, Robert MarshWhile Robert Marsh, Ph.D., directs his genetic manipulations on plants, his main research in the laboratory deals with understanding how the nuclear structure is put together inside the cells of animals.


  • Updated: February 6, 2006
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